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Our Real Commitment

Reaches Beyond Our Oil & Gas Company


& Procurement

of Crude Oil. and Energy commodities
from various sources.

We embody our company’s commitment to strive for excellence, which
reaches the highest level of complexity, quality, and strategic sourcing
in both global and domestic markets.

With access to a vast network of potential oil buyers and sellers in the
Oil & Gas industry, we help facilitate the buying and selling of various
Crude oil and Petroleum products.

What You Can Expect

Our expertise

Strategic Sourcing

The sourcing of commodities constitutes the most important of our current core business operations and procurement requests regarding various oil & gas requirements.

Due Diligence

We do it upon ourselves to do the grunt work of due diligence, vetting, scrutinizing, and using our experience and professional methods to actualize our objective.

Strategy & Negotiation

The transaction’s proximity helps us understand the nuances of the buyer’s requirements, including target pricing and other commercial sensitivities.

Contract Optimization

All our offers presented in responses based on their procurement requests are subjected to thorough due diligence to ensure no undue delay & the commercial terms are to the buyers’ satisfaction.

Marketing Intelligence

Our primary objective is to ensure that our customers receive unparalleled service that provides long-term sustainability, ultimately contributing to its long-term profitability and success.

Supply Chain Management

We strive to promote visibility and integration within our client’s organizations and industries to enable effective planning and optimal decision-making in our supply chain.

Provides consultancy and brokerage services for the supply of crude oil to refineries worldwide.

We specialize in sourcing, procuring, trading & brokerage of energy, oil & gas commodities and maintaining comprehensive supply sources from our proven and reliable suppliers.

We manage projects efficiently and effectively, ranging from trading to sourcing through our direct-end sellers’ network.

Our reputation is based on meticulous project management and planning designed to ensure due diligence in pricing, terms, contract negotiation, selection of direct supply sources, and delivery of the highest quality for each project.