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Warehousing & Transloading



Optimized Storage Solutions
for Energy Commodities

KPSourcing, a trusted partner in the energy, oil, and gas commodities sector, now extends its expertise to provide comprehensive warehousing solutions. Our warehouses cater to a wide array of needs, from standard inventory storage to specialized storage for solar panels. By partnering with us, you can ensure your operations are streamlined and free from disruptions.

Warehousing & Expanded Capabilities

for Your Growth!

Leverages cutting-edge technology and equipment to enhance efficiency and accuracy in our operations.

Our capabilities extend beyond simple storage solutions. We offer a full suite of warehousing services, including packaging, value-added services, quality control and inspection, and fulfillment services. 

Why Choose

KPSourcing Warehousing?

Specialized storage

for solar panels!

Understanding the delicate nature and importance of solar panels, we offer specialized storage solutions. Our facilities are designed to ensure the safety and longevity of your solar panels, providing you with peace of mind.

Transloading Services

freight shipping services and storage services!

In addition to our warehousing solutions, we offer comprehensive transloading services. Shipping by rail can provide substantial cost savings compared to shipping your goods and materials via truck. Our facilities are connected to Class I railroad lines, enabling efficient transloading to trucks for further shipping or on-site storage based on your needs. We can accommodate various types of railcars, including center-beam, box, refrigerated, bulk, flat, hopper, and tank cars. We also offer cross-docking services for intermodal containers, ISO tanks, and flexi tanks

Our Commitment

to Your Success

At KPSourcing, your success is our top priority. We manage your dedicated operations with the same level of quality and integrity as we do our core business of sourcing, procuring, and trading energy commodities. Our services include:

Experience the KPSourcing difference. Partner with us today for your warehousing needs and join our network of satisfied clients worldwide.